Keefe grew up in the metropolitan city of Singapore. He began loving animals from a young age and had lots of pets growing up. His most loved furry family member was a golden retriever named Ginger. She was his best friend and sadly passed away in 2018. His love for her and all his pets fuelled his desire to become a vet and provide the best care for all animals.

This brought him to Sydney, where he completed his veterinary degree at the University of Sydney in 2016. Keefe loves everything about Small Animal Medicine, and has a strong interest in cat medicine and behaviour. It is not a surprise that he is also a “Crazy Cat Dad”, who happily lives with his wife and their cats, Chai,Thyme and Evan.

Outside of work, Keefe owns his Pet Photography business called Furry Munchkins Pet Photography and loves taking photographs of all dogs, cats and other animals. When not at home enjoying the company of their cats, both Keefe and his wife, Charlotte love exploring the many cafes and nature walks around Sydney.